The automation system has been realized with Schneider PLC, certified, in redundant logic, Ethernet communication protocols and back plane Modbus type bus. The developed software has been designed with user-friendly graphical pages, supervised directly by the Touch screens installed onboard the ship.

Order with Baleària Eurolìnias Marìtimas S.A.

Congratulations to our team that has finalized the order with Baleària Eurolínias Marítimas S.A. to supply the night vision system PREDATOR ND 1200 wheel mark certified, to the 4 new buildings high speed craft. Two factors have been of great importance in obtaining this contract, the type MED certification, and the high performance we supply 

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Dichiaro di avere preso visione dell'informativa sulla privacy e di averla integralmente compresa ed accettata.


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